IRC Youth Empathy Study

The Youth Empathy & Social Values (YES) research study, which was launched in September 2017, is funded by the Irish Research Council (IRC), under the research of national societal importance scheme. The aim of this research is to generate greater insight into the development of empathy and positive social values among young people in Ireland. In order to achieve this aim the CFRC team are carrying out a large national survey with secondary school students across the country. This survey explores how young people in Ireland feel and act towards others in society and enquires about their values and sense of social responsibility. In order to learn more about the importance of young people’s social environments, this survey also explores the impact that a variety of contextual factors (including parents, peers, school culture & community) exert on the development of empathy and social values in young people. The information gathered from this research will inform the development of policy interventions in the area of education and child and youth development.