Research Output & Events

Book Chapters

Dolan, P., Kenny, J. and Kennan, D. (2017) 'Activated Social Empathy for Child Welfare and Youth Development: A Case for Consideration' In: Routledge Handbook of Global Child Welfare. London: Routledge Press.

Literature Reviews

‘A Systematic Review of the Psychological and Contextual Correlates of Adolescents’ Empathic & Prosocial Responding’ (Working title), forthcoming

‘Empathy, Social Responsibility & Civic Engagement: An Overview of the Literature’ (Working title), forthcoming.


In June 2017 the Child and Family Research Centre held a conference, Rediscovering Empathy; Values, Relationships and Practice in a Changing World, bringing together world authorities in empathy, researchers, and practitioners from a variety of fields. For further details, including videos of keynote presentations click here

Mark Brennan & Pat Dolan (2016), ‘Connecting Activated Social Empathy in Youth: an Emerging Agenda for Education’, Roots of Empathy Research Symposium, Toronto, Canada, 28-29 April, 2016  Watch here


UNESCO CFRC Conference 2017 Highlights

Watch our Empathy conference video here