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Youth Empathy Day

Youth Empathy Day, held on 1 February 2018, brought together 200 secondary students from across Ireland to explore and practice empathy and to share their views on how we can activate and promote empathy as a form of social action. The day was part of a collaboration between the UNESCO Child and Family Research Centre, Foróige, students, and their teachers to develop a pioneering social empathy education programme called Activating Social Empathy. The day featured a Q&A with Actor and UCFRC Patron Cillian Murphy on the role of empathy in his work as an actor. A series of participatory workshops explored empathy through literature, drama, music, yoga/mindfulness and social media and two of the Centre’s Youth Researchers presented their views on the importance of empathy in their lives. Feedback was gathered from students on the importance of empathy in their lives and what can be done to promote empathy.




Youth Empathy Day Highlights

Youth Empathy Day Highlights



Rediscovering Empathy; Values, Relationships and Practice in a Changing World

In June 2017 the Child and Family Research Centre held a conference, Rediscovering Empathy; Values, Relationships and Practice in a Changing World, bringing together world authorities in empathy, researchers, and practitioners from a variety of fields. For further details, including videos of keynote presentations click here

Mark Brennan & Pat Dolan (2016), ‘Connecting Activated Social Empathy in Youth: an Emerging Agenda for Education’, Roots of Empathy Research Symposium, Toronto, Canada, 28-29 April, 2016  Watch here


UNESCO CFRC Conference 2017 Highlights

Watch our Empathy conference video here


Book Chapters

Dolan, P., Kenny, J. and Kennan, D. (2017) 'Activated Social Empathy for Child Welfare and Youth Development: A Case for Consideration' In: Routledge Handbook of Global Child Welfare. London: Routledge Press.

Literature Reviews

‘A Systematic Review of the Psychological and Contextual Correlates of Adolescents’ Empathic & Prosocial Responding’ (Working title), forthcoming

‘Empathy, Social Responsibility & Civic Engagement: An Overview of the Literature’ (Working title), forthcoming.