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The research and evaluation team at the UNESCO Child and Family Research Centre, NUI Galway provides research, evaluation and technical support to the Tusla Development and Mainstreaming Programme for Prevention, Partnership and Family Support (PPFS). This is a new programme of action being undertaken by Tulsa, the Child and Family Agency as part of its National Service Delivery Framework. The programme seeks to transform child and family services in Ireland by embedding prevention and early intervention into the culture and operation of Tusla. The focused programme of research and evaluation on the implementation and outcomes of the Tusla Development and Mainstreaming Programme is underpinned by the following overarching research question: 

Is the organisational culture and practice at Tusla and its partners changing such that services are more integrated, preventative, evidence informed and inclusive of children and parents? If so, is this contributing to improved outcomes for children and their families?

The programme of work is underpined by the work package approach. Please visit our explanatory page here to learn about the work of the researchers under each work package.‌    ‌

The Development and Mainstreaming Programme Video

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Programme Stakeholders

The Mainstreaming and Development programme for Prevention, Partnership and Family Support is a major research and evaluation study on a programme of Prevention, Early Intervention and Family Support being implemented by Tusla, Ireland’s Child and Family Agency. The programme stakeholders include Tusla, the Child and Family Agency; National University of Ireland, Galway;  the Atlantic Philanthropies, Ireland; Galway University Foundation and the Department of Children and Youth Affairs (DCYA).


Expert Advisory Commitee

The Delveopment and Mainstreaming Programme is also supported by an Expert Advisory Committee comprised of:

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