Project Title Particpation for Protection (P4P)
Commencement Date


Research Team

Dr. Cormac Forkan, Dr. Bernadine Brady, Dr. Danielle Kennan and Ms. Nuala Harlowe

Project Summary

The UNESCO Child and Family Research Centre has been selected as a research partner for an exciting new EU funded project, ‘Participation for Protection’ (P4P).  P4P is being led by the Children’s Rights Centre at Queens University, Belfast. Other partner universities include;

  • Ludwig Boltzmann Institut Fur Menschenrechte Forschungsverein, Austria

  • Katholieke Universiteit Leuven and Kenniscentrum Kinderrechten, Belgium

  • Hochschule Rheinmain, Germany

  • Universitatea Babes Bolyai, Romania

  • University of Nottingham, England.

The ultimate aim of P4P is to elevate the views, voices and experiences of children and young people in training for professionals on how to respond to children and young people who experience violence, whilst also enhancing children and young people’s understanding of reporting mechanisms and support structures. Over 1,000 children and young people will participate through youth advisory groups, focus groups and questionnaires. 

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Project Title Empathy, Caring and Connection among Early Adolescents: An Empirical Analysis
Commencement Date 2017
Research Team Dr Bernadine Brady (P.I), Professor Pat Dolan, Dr Charlotte Silke, Dr Ciara Boylan.
Project Summary The UNESCO Child & Family Research Centre was awarded €100,000 in funding by the Irish Research Council for a study entitled Empathy, Caring and Connection among Early Adolescents: An Empirical Analysis.  The funding bid was was awarded following a response to an open call from the Irish Research Council for ‘Research to Address Issues of National Societal Importance’. This study aims to generate empirical evidence regarding the values and experiences of Irish youth towards a range of issues which reflect a sense of social and political responsibility towards others, including an analysis of factors (including parental attitudes, school culture and community engagement) that influence the development of social values and empathy.This evidence will inform the development of policy interventions in the area of education and child and youth development.  The study involves mixed methods research with 13-15 year olds in a nationally representative sample of schools. Study findings will be published in December 2018.
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